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Improving MicroLED Display Quality Using Radiant’s Pixel-Level Measurement and Correction

Radiant Vision Systems is chosen by Jasper Display Corporation and other display innovators to improve the visual quality of emerging technologies like microLEDs. Used with Jasper Display’s MicroLED Starter Kit, Radiant’s advanced pixel measurement and uniformity correction (demura) solution helps manufacturers achieve their goals for efficient microLED display development [...]

August 17th, 2020|

Jasper Display Corp. to Present at SID China 2020

Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) presented at China SID 2020. Mr. Kenneth Tai, JDC’s CEO was an invited speaker and the presentation title is “Digital Optics and Digital Modulation.” JDC introduced the concept of faster prototyping for X-on-CMOS and how to use it to implement Digital Electro-Optics Platform (Digital Optics) [...]

May 19th, 2020|
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