2012 SID Holoeye and Jasper VAR Announcement

Santa Clara, Calif., May 31Jasper Display Corp. (JDC), a leading company in high performance liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay design and production, and the HOLOEYE Companies (HOLOEYE Photonics AG and HOLOEYE Systems, Inc)., leaders in the provisional of LCOS micro-displays configured for phase modulation and integrators of micro-display technology,  today announced the establishment of a value added reseller (VAR) agreement to serve specialty markets.

  JDC supplies LCOS products for consumer and professional electronic applications.  JDC will supply HOLOEYE with finished, amplitude aligned JD4552 micro-displays, fully custom micro-display controller ASICs, JD2552 wafers that HOLOEYE will manufacture into phase aligned micro-displays, and development kits for both micro-displays.  The JD4552 is a Full HD (1920 x 1080), completely digital micro-display with a 0.55” image array diagonal, optimized for very high speed operation in single and multi-panel display systems.

  Using JDC products HOLOEYE will apply its expertise to address a wide range of applications such as Head Mounted Displays (HMD), Heads-Up Displays (HUD), optical metrology, and medical imaging.  HOLOEYE will utilize the new high resolution LCOS micro-displays, design for single panel color field sequential applications, in cost effective projection and Near to Eye applications.  HOLOEYE has also started the development of phase modulating LCOS micro-displays based on JDC’s LCOS platform for use in adaptive optics applications such as dynamic diffractive optics, digital holography and optical networking solutions.

  Darwin Hu, President of JDC, explained, “Our partnership with HOLOEYE Systems Inc. enables JDC to address the industrial market place through HOLOEYE’s established and developing customer bases.  By working with HOLOEYE Systems, we can expand the field from the products we developed for consumer electronics and offer niche markets at an attractive cost versus performance value.”

  Marcel Rogalla, CEO of HOLOEYE Systems Inc., added, “JDC’s development of high resolution backplanes with very small pixels provided a superb platform for developing phase modulating LCOS devices. Adding JDC’s JD4552 LCOS micro-display system to HOLOEYE’s lineup will give HSI a very high performance product with significant added capabilities.  HOLOEYE and JDC are working together to develop further product offerings.”


2012 SID Holoeye and Jasper VAR Announcement

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