2012 SID World Leading 1080P 0.55″ LCOS Microdisplay is 1st released at by Jasper Display Corporation

Santa Clara, Calif., May 31Jasper Display Corp. (JDC), a leading company in high performance liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay design and production, today announces the world leading 1080P(1920X1080) 0.55″ LCOS microdisplay is now first released to serve diverse markets, ranging from single-panel to multi-panel projector, phase modulation applications and optical network communication.

JD4552 is a high performance, full digital liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay, featuring at world first 1080P with full digital backplane for use in 1-channel to multi-channel optical systems at rear and front projection applications. With an additional 32 rows and 32 columns, it could offer a total resolution of 1952 x 1112 that allows dynamic convergence adjustment when integrated into a multi-panel projector. The digital driver supports frame rate up to 120Hz or above for HD video, and allows three to four color field rate up to 480Hz, which could meet less color break effect under color sequential drive. To achieve good light output while keeping excellent image quality, it features capabilities that enable higher native contrast ratio more than 1000:1 with controllable border grayscale, higher bit-rate to support wide color gamut with clear color fidelity, and average reflectivity reaches average 75%, leading in this filed. Compare to other competitive microdisplay, JD4552 now is reaching above industrial average yield rate to more than 70% with good quality control method. To benefit system designer at good cost/performance control, it has successfully proved its value in optical network communication, phase modulation application, diffractive optical elements to projector markets.

According to a recent study by the Nielsen Company, 88% of U.S. tablet owners and 86% of smartphone owners used their device while watching TV at least once during a 30-day period. Most consumers are now wanting higher resolution video by using mobile devices. Toward this trend, JDC now are achieving the world leading 1080P with higher frame rate to provide system makers design a compact, higher resolution, portable projector, so-called premiere projector. To prove the concept, JDC provides the JD4552 evaluation kit and system development kit with 1-channel optical engine and 2-channel optical engine featuring in compact size, up to 400 lumens, LED light and high contrast ratio for our worldwide market partners to engage toward Full HD Video Sharing Devices in cost effective, lower power consumption large screen, mobility, and less environmental consuming solutions. JDC plans to serve the premiere portable projector at above HD good image quality, and believes in bringing a better video life to the world. JD4552 could provide at consumer projector market and professional market, and it is also capable to serve industrial to medical application by requested. Find more in www.jasperdisplay.com.

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