2013 Jasper Announces 4K2K LCOS for Home Theater Projector & Phase Modulation Market

Hsinchu Taiwan 2013 May 10- Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) announces its 4K2K LCoS microdisplay backplane, the JD2704, designed for use with LCOS optimized for either phase modulation products or projector applications (color sequential and color parallel using 1 to 3 panels). Its small pixel (3.74um) size and high resolution (4096 x 2400) make it a good fit for the home theater projector market as well as the phase modulation application, such as spatial light modulators, holography, lithography, laser beam pattern generation, fundus imaging correction, optical tweezers, femtosecond laser pulse shaping, wave front correction in phase shifting applications, etc.  Implemented using a CMOS wafer backplane design, the JD2704 features extremely small pixels (3.74um pitch), a high fill factor (90%), all digital pixel drive, variable modulation methods providing 10 to 16 bits of pixel contrast control, high color field rates (up to 1KHz), low flicker noise, all of which make it an ideal solution for these and other applications.

  • Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) Resolution

The JD2704 from JDC is a 4K2K LCoS silicon backplane designed as a superset for DCI 4K (4096×2160) resolution, and also supports Quad FHD (3840×2160) and Quad WUXGA (3840×2400) solutions. The JD2704 is the world’s premier design, with its support for both color parallel and color sequential designs and a 0.7″ active image area, it brings 4K2K digital cinema to small projector systems, including independent theaters and ultra short-focus optical engines for “zero distance” projection TV applications.

  • Leading-edge 3.74um pixel for Phase Modulation Market

The JD2704 couples an ‘all digital’ pixel drive with fine modulation control, making it good for multi-level phase operation. With its small pixel pitch (3.74um) and with its high fill factor, the JD2704 is good for spatial optics and Holography applications such as virtual keyboards, HUD/HMD, Laser Beam Shaping, 3D inspection, scanning, and other specialty applications.

  • Data Delivery with 300 to 600 Mhz Interface

The JD2704 features a flexible data transfer interface. A dual phase clock enables 2 bits of data to be transferred each clock cycle. Fully static logic with a variable clock cycle enables monochrome or color parallel designs at 300Mhz, making it excellent for three channel (3 panel R/G/B) or multi channel (e.g. 6 panel R/G/B 3D) optical engine designs for the digital cinema projector, home theater, and high-end display markets. Raising the clock speed to 600Mhz enables color sequential design of high data density displays; making it ideal for lower cost single panel optical engine design products.

  • High Frame Rate Display

The JD2704 LCOS backplane and the associated controller FPGA is capable of sustaining field rates at 480 fps now; When coupled with the ASICs now in development, higher field rates and other improved performance characteristics are enabled by utilizing a 128 bit wide data path, and transfer rates of up to 1.2 Gbps per pin. These record setting data transfer speeds enable a new generation of high definition micro displays and high capacity phase modulators based on Jasper Display’s LCOS technology.

  • Extra 64 horizontal lines and vertical 64 lines for manufacturing flexibility

The JD2704 design contains an extra 64 horizontal lines and an extra 64 vertical lines of pixels beyond the DCI 4K requirement, bringing its total resolution up to 4160 x 2464. This design feature facilitates electronic alignment of the 4Kx2K image anywhere within the pixel field, thus easing color parallel optical engine design and production.

  • Conclusion

The JD2704 LCOS backplane and the associated controllers enable a new generation of displays and phase modulation devices with capabilities far beyond any competition.

  • About Jasper Display Corp.

Jasper Display Corp., operations started in 2010, is a leading designer of SLM (Spatial Light Modulators) and has successfully developed and brought to the marketplace several new, very high speed Full HD (FHD) microdisplays and a microdisplay controller, establishing a line of new LCoS products to support color-sequential single-microdisplay operated at FHD resolution and high frame rate. Jasper Display’s newest device expands that capability into the “UltraHD” resolution arena.

For more information about Jasper, visit the company’s website at www.jasperdisplay.com.

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