JDC Announce World Class 4K2K LCoS Wafer and Enable Research Innovative Applications via EDK

Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 20 — Jasper Display Co., Ltd. announced in Photonics Festival & Display Taiwan 2013 during the week, in addition to win the 16th Photonics Product Award by Full HD JD4552 (1920 X 1080) panel, that it is the first time to showcase the world class 3. 74um at 0.7 ” diagonal addressing 4K2K (4096X2400) resolution, JD2704, the 8″ silicon backplane. Its small pixel (3.74um) size and high resolution (4096 x 2400) make it a good fit for the home theater projector market as well as the phase modulation application. Implemented using a CMOS wafer backplane design, the JD2704 features extremely small pixels (3.74um pitch), a high fill factor (90%), all digital pixel drive, variable modulation methods providing 10 to 16 bits of pixel contrast control, high color field rates (up to 1KHz), low flicker noise. Jasper Display Corporation co-host the seminar with International Alliance of X on Silicon Applications (IAoSA) that invite global technology and market development partners jointly organized the VIP seminar, “International X On Silicon Photonics Trend and Market Opportunity”, including Holoeye, Xilinx, E-elements, Oculon, GIXIA group corporation, as well as leading academic labs, NTU, NTHU, ITRI, NCKU, NTNU, NCU and other academic partners to empower X on Silicon future market applications.

In Photonic Festival and Display Taiwan, 2013, the rising up micro-display technology and 4K2K flat panel display towards large-size 80″ display market, enable projection at home market chance. Focus on FHD and 4K2K resolution market, Jasper Display company provides small pixel at 3.74um, high color field rate, excellent greyscale performance, which makes it suitable solution at  home projection display market and the phase modulation market, such as spatial light modulators, holography, lithography, laser beam pattern generation, fundus imaging correction, optical tweezers, femtosecond laser pulse shaping, wave front correction in phase shifting applications, etc.  The features are shown below,

l   Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) Resolution

l   Leading-edge 3.74um pixel for Phase Modulation

l   Market Data Delivery with 300 to 600 Mhz Interface

l   High Frame Rate Display

l   Extra 64 horizontal lines and vertical 64 lines for manufacturing flexibility

Kenneth Tai, chairman of Jasper Display, funder of International Alliance of X on Silicon Applications (IAoSA) since 2012, the active participants nearly 50 professors and researchers till now, he says that to bring the key component as the core technology successfully in Taiwan’s industries, especially JDC micro display technology, is important to the local industries. The president of IAoSA, Dr. Ching Piao Hu emphasises that open innovation platform dominates the global high-tech market development, and IAoSA constituted of academic and researchers provide the open innovative development platform to drive for advanced and diverse future applications.

HOLOEYE, the leading company on adaptive micro-optics and diffractive optical elements, spatial light modulators for industrial applications, delivers the keynote speech to strengthen programmable optics future to be widely used in WSS for optical communication, holographic industrial applications, near-eye wearable displays (Eye-glasses display) and projection applications capable with energy-saving, lighter and mobility in the future. Xilinx, Inc. and E-element partnership with JDC to build the FPGA development board to enable X On Silicon platform and its applications future. It delivers the good training tools to versatile universities and research institutes, advanced laboratories and leading brand companies a good way to open innovation in future optoelectronic applications. Now Jasper Display are able to provide educational kits (EDK),  can be used as different optical experiments, such aberrations, Michelson interferometer, phase-shifting digital holography, 4F signal processing system, a single slit Diffraction, spectrometer, Talbot Images, and Wavefront Modulation and so on. The two figures show the application schematics. 

About Jasper Display Corp.

Jasper Display Corp., operations started in 2010, is a leading designer of SLM (Spatial Light Modulators) and has successfully developed and brought to the marketplace several new, very high speed Full HD (FHD) microdisplays and a microdisplay controller, establishing a line of new LCoS products to support color-sequential single-microdisplay operated at FHD resolution and high frame rate. Jasper Display’s newest device expands that capability into the “UltraHD” resolution arena.

For more information about Jasper, visit the company’s website at www.jasperdisplay.com.

JDC Announce World Class 4K2K LCoS Wafer and Enable Research Innovative Applications via EDK

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