JDC, IAoSA hold business VIP seminar for X on Silicon Applications

June 20th, Taipei – Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) and the International Alliance of X on Silicon Applications (IAoSA) that invited global technology and market development partners, jointly organized the first-time business VIP seminar called: “International X On Silicon Photonics Trend and Market Opportunity.”

The opening speech is delivered by Mr. Kenneth Tai, chairman of JDC, founder of International Alliance of X on Silicon Applications (IAoSA) since 2012, says that to bring the key component as the core technology successfully in Taiwan’s industries, especially JDC micro display technology, is important to the local industries.

The president of IAoSA, Dr. Ching Piao Hu emphasized that open innovation platform dominates the global high-tech market development, and IAoSA constituted of academic and researchers provide the open innovative development platform to drive for advanced and diverse future applications.

Several products were showcase during the event, including 4K2K(3.74um) LCoS Wafer & MD Demonstration, the 1080P(6.4um) LCoS MD at one panel to two panels projection Demonstration and the Education Kits for Phase Study on 1080P LCoS (3~6 Bits).

The JDC Business VIP Seminar is a strategic marketing program designed for JDC’s regional business offices & premier business partners, including technology development & production parties to host a well-designed one day solution seminar locally with minimum efforts, which was participated by nearly 50 professors and researchers. The invited guests include Holoeye, Xilinx, E-elements, Oculon, GIXIA group corporation, as well as leading academic labs, National Taiwan University (NTU), National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), National Central University (NCU) and other academic partners to empower X on Silicon future market applications.

The co-sponsors of this event include DigiTimes, Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA). The seminar was held at 402B conference room at Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC).

In the opening day of Photonics Festival and Display Taiwan two day earlier, JDC’s JD2704 is the first time winner of 16th Photonics Product Award, which the product is a Full HD JD4552 (1920 X 1080) panel, that it is the first time to showcase the world class 3. 74um at 0.7″ diagonal addressing 4K2K (4096X2400) resolution, JD2704, the 8″ silicon backplane.

Meanwhile, the global silicon photonics market is estimated to grow from US$1,12 million in 2010 to US$2.02 billion in 2015, with whooping compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 78.2% from 2010 to 2015. The Silicon photonics technology is growing rapidly, which is a low cost alternative technology that can address speed and bulk data transfer challenges faced by microelectronics.

Source: TCA(台北市電腦同業公會)

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JDC, IAoSA hold business VIP seminar for X on Silicon Applications

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