JDC Announces Phase LCoS Good for Digital Holography

Hsinchu, Taiwan, Dec 05, 2013- Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) has developed Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) micro-displays for phase only modulation technology applications, using its small pixel based backplanes. JDC has comprehensive applications in optical information processing and holography. Using CMOS wafer backplane design, JDC’s LCoS technology features extremely small pixels, high fill factor, and digital drive, to achieve multilevel phase control, high frame rate and very low flicker noise. Phase-only LCoS holographic devices do not absorb or block incident light but, instead redirect it all into the image. This reduces power consumption and projector size, and, more importantly, allows images to be displayed on non-planar surfaces and in 3D. Fig.1 shows the structure of LCoS.

Why is Phase LCoS good for Holography?

  • Phase only LCoS in real time holography helps manipulation of images with the highest possible efficiency, because an ideal phase hologram can manipulate light beams without the loss of energy.
  • Phase only modulation allows patterns to be encoded on the wavefront without attenuating the incident beam. High efficiency is essential for light starved or high power systems.
  • The capability for reproducing discontinuous phase profiles has also permitted the use of these devices in optical trapping, where holographic and diffractive masks need to be generated.

Phase LCoS Comparisons

FeaturesDigital LCoSAnalog LCoS
Phase resolutionHas better phase resolution controlPhase resolution and levels controlled by the DAC resolution
Phase level switch speedPhase level switch speed is fastPhase level switch speed is slow
Cross talkNo cross talkCross talk exists
Image retentionNo Image retention due to high frequency DC balance methodImage retention exits
Wafer yieldHigher wafer yieldLower wafer yield
FrequencyNeed for high frequencyRelatively low frequency
Light leakageNo light leakageLight leakage exits

Table No.1. LCoS Technology Comparison (Reference: JDC Internal)

Holography Applications

Holography based on phase-only LCoS devices opens up a wide range of new display applications, including automotive head-up displays (HUD) and 3D displays. LCoS can be used in many holographic applications, for example:

  • Holographic recording and reconstruction
  • 3D Holographic projection
  • Computer generated holography


JDC’s pixel is robust, and easily scalable, plus it has superior programmability in order to address wide requirements. The “Pixel” offered by JDC is superior, its use allows JDC’s LCoS micro-display to serve diverse markets, ranging from single-panel and multi-panel projection, phase modulation holography applications, and optical network communications.

About Jasper Display Corp.

Jasper Display Corp., operations started in 2010, is a leading designer of SLM (Spatial Light Modulators) and has successfully developed and brought to the marketplace several new, very high speed Full HD (FHD) microdisplays and a microdisplay controller, establishing a line of new LCoS products to support color-sequential single-microdisplay operated at FHD resolution and high frame rate. Jasper Display’s newest device expands that capability into the “UltraHD” resolution arena.

For more information about Jasper, visit the company’s website at www.jasperdisplay.com.

JDC Announces Phase LCoS Good for Digital Holography

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