2014 BiOS & Photonic West JDC Enables Industrial and Scientific Application via On Silicon solutions

  • The world smallest 4K2K high definition LCoS microdisplay
  • The empty cell solution for emerging versatile photonic applications

Santa Clara, Calf., USA, Feb 01, 2014 – Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) has developed Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) micro-displays with digital modulation, and small pixel based backplanes to fulfill versatile emerging photonic markets. These products bring value for specialty applications in Biophotonics, Laser Processing, Machine Vision, Telecom (WSS, ROADM), Optical Measurement, Holo-printing, Scanning and so on.

JDC uses its unique digital modulation in conjunction with compact pixels to reach 0.7 in diagonal ultra high definition 4K2K LCoS micro-displays and SLM’s (Spatial Light Modulators), and enables a wide range of applications with filled and “Empty Cell” solutions.

Some of the features of the Jasper Display Product line include:

  1. Devices range from 2 million pixels to 8 million pixels
  2. Both amplitude and phase modulation schemes, with field rates over 1 kHz
  3. Support for 60 and 120 frames per second video input
  4. High pixel plane processing rates, e.g. 2M pixels in 50 ns plane write time.
  5. Precise control of the pixel plate voltage level (our unique modulation method allows 12 bits of control for 4096 RMS voltage levels).
  6. Low flicker noise compared to other digital modulation methods via its unique patented pixel with accurate DC balance and engineered modulation sequencing.
  7. Flexible “Empty Cell” solutions to customize finished
    devices based on your requirement for research and development applications.

JDC’s pixel is robust, and easily scalable, plus it has superior programmability in order to address wide requirements. The “Pixel” offered by JDC is superior, its use allows JDC’s LCoS micro-display to serve diverse markets, ranging from single-panel and multi-panel projection, phase modulation holography applications, and optical network communication.

JDC’s unique LCoS design approaches provide “Pixel as a Platform” devices ranging from 8um(1920 x 1080/0.7″), 6.4um(1920 x 1080/0.55″), and 3.74um(4096 x 2400/0.7″) micro-displays, with standardized cell design and “Empty Cell” design solutions to enable the research and development market.

HOLOEYE, the leading company on adaptive micro-optics, diffractive optical elements, and spatial light modulators for industrial applications, has joined JDC as a value added reseller partner to strengthen the programmable optics future. Products in optical communication, holographic industrial applications, near-eye wearable displays (Eye-glasses display) and projection applications with lighter and smaller form factors for easy mobility, and energy-saving attributes lead to a greener future.

Xilinx, Inc. and E-Elements Technology Co., LTD have joined with JDC to build a FPGA development board to enable “X On Silicon” platform and its future applications. It delivers a platform for leading edge electro-optical and photonics training tools to universities and research institutes, advanced laboratories and leading brand companies.

Jasper Display is able to provide this as an Education Kit to provide a training platform for students to develop skills and open innovation for future optoelectronic applications.

These educational kits (EDK), can be configured to do different electro-optical and photonic experiments, such as optical aberration correction, Michelson interferometers, phase-shifting digital holography, 4f signal processing system, a single slit Diffraction, Spectrometer, Talbot Images, and Wavefront Modulation and so on. The figures show the application schematics.


About Jasper Display Corp.

Jasper Display Corp., operations started in 2010, is a leading designer of SLM (Spatial Light Modulators) and has successfully developed and brought to the marketplace several new, very high speed Full HD (FHD) micro-displays, a controller, and System Development kits. This establishes a line of new LCoS products to support color-sequential single-microdisplay operated at FHD resolution and high frame rate. Jasper Display’s newest device expands that capability into the “UltraHD” resolution arena.

For more information about Jasper Display Corp., visit the company’s website at www.jasperdisplay.com


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