2014 NAB JDC Announced 4K2K LCoS with Associated Controller for Future Home Solutions

  • The world smallest 4K2K high definition LCoS microdisplay
  • The associated universal one chip modulation controller for versatile LCoS microdisplays

Santa Clara, Calf., USA, April 05, 2014 – Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) has developed Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) micro-displays with digital modulation, and small pixel based backplanes to fulfill versatile video home projector markets. The video market is turning to the 4K2K era and JDC provides solutions for future home video solutions, featuring its unique digital modulation in conjunction with compact pixels to produce 0.7” diagonal Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K2K LCoS micro-displays and an associated controller.

Some of the features of the Jasper Display Product line include:

Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) Resolution

The JD4704 from JDC is a full 4K2K LCoS microdisplay with capabilities that are a superset of the typical UHD home projectors which present up to DCI 4K (4096×2160) resolution; It also supports Quad FHD (3840×2160) and Quad WUXGA (3840×2400) solutions. The JD4704 is the world’s most advanced design, supporting for both color parallel and color sequential designs with its 0.7″ active image area, it brings 4K2K digital cinema to small projector systems from single to multi-panel design capability, enabling designs for independent theaters, ultra short-focus optical engines for “zero distance” projection TV application, and others.

Leading-edge 3.74um pixel for Display Markets

The JD4704 couples an all digital pixel drive with fine modulation control, making it good for high performance video display. With its small pixel pitch (3.74um) and with its high fill factor, the JD4704 is good for video home projection applications such as home theater, digital cinema, HMD, and others.

Data Delivery with 300 to 600 MHz Interface

The JD4704 features a flexible data transfer interface. Fully static logic and wide clock cycle requirements enables both  monochrome and color parallel designs at 300MHz, making the JD4704 excellent for three channel (3 panel R/G/B) and multi channel (e.g. 6 panel R/G/B 3D) optical engine designs for the digital cinema projector, home theater, and high-end display markets. Raising the clock speed to 600 MHz enables color sequential design for high data density displays; making the JD4704 ideal for lower cost single panel optical engine design products, such as HMD or EVF solutions.

High Frame Rate Display

The JD4704 LCoS microdisplay and the associated controller OCM controller, the JD6388, is capable of sustaining field rates at 960 color field rate now and, when coupled with the JD6388 coming Q3, 2014, higher field rates and other improved performance characteristics are enabled by utilizing a 128 bit wide data path, and transfer rates of up to 1.2 Gbps per pin. These record setting data transfer speeds enable a new generation of high definition micro-displays and high capacity digital modulators based on Jasper Display’s LCoS technology.

OCM (JD6388) Controller ASIC Features

The JD6388 OCM design has the following features and functions:

  • Supports video Input interfaces up to 24bit RGB/YCbCr, at 170MHz, single/dual pixel per clock.
  • Embedded 16bit RISC core microprocessor with boot ROM and external SPI configuration memory.
  • Embedded frame buffer to store two video frame inputs.
  • Programmable digital modulation to allow up to 32 bit planes per output frame with digital pulse width modulation. 
  • Supports multiple micro-displays: e.g. one JD6388 with one 1080P microdisplay and two JD6388 devices for one 4K2K micro-display.
  • Enables color sequential 1080P and monochrome 4K2K displays.
  • Supports 3D stereo image output to dual micro-displays
  • Small size and low power: using TSMC40nm LP process and a 385-ball plastic FBGA package.

Extra 64 horizontal lines and vertical 64 lines for manufacturing flexibility

The JD4704 micro-display design contains an extra 64 horizontal lines and an extra 64 vertical lines of pixels beyond the typical home projector application and DCI 4K requirements, bringing its total resolution up to 4160 x 2464. This design feature facilitates electronic alignment of the 4Kx2K image anywhere within the pixel field, thus easing color parallel optical engine design and production.



The JD4704 LCOS microdisplay and the associated controllers, including the JD6388 OCM, enable a new generation of display applications to user in the new era of 4K video in 2014.


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