2014 Jasper Display Corporation signed MoU with Light Logics

Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 14, 2014 – Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) Jasper Display Corp. (JDC), a leading company in high performance liquid crystal on silicon micro-display design and production, represented by Chairman Mr. Ken Tai, and Light Logics Holography and Optics Pvt. Ltd. (LL), a pioneering holography technology company and a leading worldwide provider of core holography machines, holograms and solutions, represented by Dr. Ajith Kumar, President and Leading Scientist, entered into MoU on 10th of May 2014.

Both JDC and LL want to expand their product range and reach global market with a set of products of mutual interest, leveraging mutual competence, and build a good business relation on specific technology area. The scope of the MoU singed is as follows

  • To build a strong working relation between both JDC and LL
  • To finalize and design new products and technologies that apply LCoS and holography, produce and market these products and technologies in certain territory.
  • To finalize designs, do production and market specific educational kits

The educational kits will be designed by giving importance to aesthetics. Elements of exploration and interactive learning will be given importance in the design of the Kits. Some of the market specific educational kits are Digital Holography Kit, Digital HNDT System, Holographic Data Storage system, Analogue Holography Kit, Holographic Interferometry Kit, Optical Processor Kit, Spatial Filtering Kit, Interferometry Kit, Laser and Characterization Kit, Grating Simulator and Diffraction Kit, 2D Photonic Crystal Kit, Polarization Kit, General Optics Kit, Fiber sensor Kit, and Green Photonics Workstation.

Roles of both parties are defined after a mutual understanding. This will lead to channelizing the capabilities of LL, together with JDC’s core competence in LCoS technology for developing proper business model for Indian market first. This MoU will lead to an agreement of cooperation to be signed in two month from date of singing.

Dr. Ajith Kumar proposed development of new systems with mass applications using LCoS. He mentioned about LCoS based projection matrix system for security holography, micro-optics and packaging industry applications. Few other applications that he mentioned are as follows.

  • Holographic LCoS intelligent Microscope
  • Configurable Holo-processor for Defense Application
  • LCoS Adaptable Holo Sight
  • Desktop LCoS Holoprinter

2014 Jasper Display Corporation signed MoU with Light Logics

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