The world’s smallest pixel 4K2K LCoS Microdisplay, JD4704, won the 2014 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award

Jasper Display Corporation’s JD4704, a 4K2K LCoS microdisplay, won the prestigious “2014 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award” during the 2014 Photonics Festival Exhibition. This is the 23rd International Optoelectronics Exposition organized by PIDA – the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association.  Jasper Display Corp. also held demonstrations of the world’s smallest pixel (3.74 um), 4K2K (4160×2464) ultra-high resolution liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) microdisplay during 2014 Computex Taipei & Photonics Festival in June. The demonstrations attracted a lot of attention from different industries. During these demos, the Vice Chairman and President of Quanta Computer, Mr. C. C. Leung; the Chairman of BASO Precision Optics, Mr. Lawrence Wu; the CEO of AVANZA Corp., Mr. Fei Yen; the Vice President of Coretronic Corp., Dr. Fleming Chuang; and other VIP guests were all impressed by the performance and gave positive feedback. At an additional event, the Executive Vice President of the China Video Industry Association, Ms. Bai Weimin, visited JDC’s headquarter on June 10th with a lot of VIP guests from the TV display industry in China during the 2014 Cross-Strait Display Industries Cooperation Conference held in Taiwan in June.     

The JD4704 is currently the world’s first 0.7”, color sequential, 4K2K LCoS microdisplay comprised of over 10 million of the world’s smallest all-digital pixels, with a 3.74 x 3.74 μm pixel size. The JD4704 product line consists of high performance, all-digital-driven LCoS 4K2K microdisplays. The JD4704 facilitates dynamic image convergence in multi-chip projectors with the addition of 64 extra rows and 64 extra columns of pixels (totaling 4160×2464) for image alignment. With the JD6388 driver IC ASIC and/or FPGA, the JD4704 product series is very versatile and can be used widely in display and industrial applications.

JDC’s President, Wilbur Chiang, and VP of Sales and Marketing, Roger Hsu, stated that the projection market at low resolution was dominated by DLP & HTPS, however when the resolution of projection display comes to 4K or 8K, it is easier to achieve low-cost and high-resolution objectives by implementing LCoS microdisplays.

Jasper’s LCoS technology combines a proven and effective digital hardware design with unique, highly efficient modulation methods to create images that combine the smoothness and realism of analog displays with the speed, sharpness, and manufacturability of digital technology.

The world’s smallest pixel 4K2K LCoS Microdisplay, JD4704, won the 2014 Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Product Award

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