2014 JDC-China Industry Interactions Report Series

Hsinchu Taiwan 2014 Sep 10-The 4K era is coming with a lot of exciting news since this June. JDC’s JD4704 4K2K LCoS Micro-Display won the 17th Outstanding Photonics Product Award in OPTO TAIWAN 2014, which is held in Taipei. Besides, the Executive Vice President of the China Video Industry Association (CVIA), Ms. Bai Weimin, visited JDC’s headquarters on June 10th with a lot of VIP guests from the TV display industry in China during the 2014 Cross-Strait Display Industries Cooperation Conference held in Taiwan. JDC works closely with those companies and enhance the usage of the LCoS applications.

  • 2014 Q2 China CTV Industry Research Quarterly Conference (CRC)

In addition, the chairman of JDC, Mr. Ken Tai, was invited to give a speech in the “2014 Q2 China CTV Industry Research Quarterly Conference (CRC)” on July 30th. Mr. Tai indicated that the LCoS is getting more and more attentions since the higher resolution becomes a trend in the market. In the past, low yield rate and high cost struggled the development of LCoS. However, when it comes to 4K and 8k, LCoS will definitely be the best solution either in the display industry (etc. projector and HMD) or the Telecommunication industry.

  • 11th Cross-Strait Information Industry and Technology Standards Forum

Mr. Tai was also invited to attend the “11th Cross-Strait Information Industry and Technology Standards Forum” held in Xi’an Shanxi, China on 21st August. The key topics of the forum not only focused on some critical issues, such as Cross-Strait cloud services and Internet of things, LED smart lighting、4K2K Ultra High-Definition Resolution Panel and 5G common standards, but also solar photovoltaics, flat panel display technology, mobile communications / mobile Internet, network evolution, service applications, automotive electronics, cloud computing, lithium ion batteries, 4G Small Cell and 4G / TD-LTE second phase of common standards were also covered in the forum.

  • Chinese Physical Society 2014 Fall Conference

LCoS Micro-Display not only could be used in the high-resolution projector, but also a key part of the “Spatial Light Modulator”. “Spatial Light Modulator” could be used to change the amplitude, intensity, phase, polarization and wavelength. JDC is dedicated to minimizing the pixel size, and putting the panel into the practice of LC research. When using the micro-size display panel, it decreases up to 10000 times the usage of LC material. LC materials could also be driven individually in high-resolution condition under JDC’s microdisplay. The sales AVP of JDC, Mr. Alex Hsu, is attending the”

Chinese Physical Society 2014 Fall Conference” which will be held by Harbin Institute of Technology Physics Department in September and releasing the outcome from JDC’s research.

  • Micro-Professor

JDC is a leading company specializing in LCoS technology for almost 20 years. The smallest 3.74um pixel, 0.7 inch 4K2K panel is leading the market, combining the digital drive with PWM to make the fresh rate up to 1KHz. Knowing the importance of the Photonics, JDC is launching SLM for education purpose called “Micro-Professor” to have more people learnt the operation of SLM. By cooperating with top universities and research institutes, more applications and experiments could be created. It also speeds up to process of commercialization from all LCoS applications. 

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