2016 JDC show 4K2K SDK in “2016 Imaging and Applied Optics” OSA

Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) went to Heidelberg in Germany for “2016 Imaging and Applied Optics” congress held by OSA during 25th to 28th July. In this congress, JDC was an exhibitor to demonstrate EDK and SDK. Both EDK and SDK are based on JDC’s LCoS technology. For EDK, it was designed for educational purpose and it could perform 10 basic optical experiments, including Fundamentals of SLM, Wave optics, and Fourier optics. Professors also could construct the specific optical experiment to implement their teaching goal by integrating JDC’s EDK into their optical system. The cage system was displayed in the exhibition, too. We believe the cage system will help students who are not originally optical background to easily setup the optical path for experiments. By EDK and the cage system, professors could demonstrate optical experiments in class without using complex optical components. For SDK, a 4K2K resolution SLM was displayed and a simple demonstration for holographic images was showed for each visitors. JDC’s 4K2K SDK is the highest resolution SLM in the market and its 3.74um pixel pitch is the smallest pixel pitch among SLM products in market. Through the advantages of the smallest pixel pitch and very high resolution, JDC’s 4K2K SDK could provide users bigger diffraction angle and better image quality for their advanced research. During the exhibition, more than 80 visitors came to our booth and showed their interest to our EDK and SDK. By our advantaged SLM technology, we hope we could help more professors and researchers for their cutting edge research.

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