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In the past, the LED have been widely used as the backlight of liquid crystal display because of their high luminous efficiency, low cost and long lifetime. Nowadays, Micro LED to be a single pixel and it’s a self-emissive device which can generate bright images. Compared to LCD, Micro LED offer greater brightness and contrast, much faster response time.Micro LED consist of LED EPI, LED chip process, LED transfer process, driving backplane species and software. Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) can provide PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) driving backplane and software for fine tune display to customer and also have Micro LED prototype for demonstrating.JDC maintain a pixel library that ranges many sizes and can be used to quickly create custom backplanes for new customer requirements. Our pixels are not only small but the flatness of our die are managed from the design all the way through fabrication resulting in some of the flattest die in the industry.

JDC Backplane ProductsJDC reduces the cost, risk and time to market for our partners by enabling them with a combination of existing silicon and an ability to quickly create custom designs to their requirements.JDC has successfully demonstrated that our backplanes can drive Micro LEDs on our standard backplanes.

Micro LED demonstrated

JDC backplanes are active matrix digital backplanes with digital storage, featuring high bandwidth and flexible addressing.
The controllers support very flexible backplane addressing to handle a wide array of modulations .
JDC’s pixel structure supports a relatively large amount of current while maintaining a stable voltage for either current driven or voltage driven modes of backplane operation.
Micro LED on silicon systems benefit from
1. Self-emissive
2. High efficiency
3. High brightness
4. High contrast
5. High respond time
6. Long life time
This type of systems performance is determined greatly by our partners’ Micro LED characteristics but our backplanes bring out the best performance.
Jasper Display Corp. has chosen to develop backplanes using a completely digital design. There are numerous reasons this is a good choice.
1. Reliability:
(1) JDC’s digital drive circuits provide extremely accurate DC balance, essential to avoid long term degradation
(2) Some Micro LED devices built using JDC’s technology have been operated a period time.
(3) JDC’s digital drive reduces the impact of defects inherent in all semiconductor manufacturing processes.
(4) All signals to the pixel circuits from the periphery are logic signals that enable the pixel circuit to connect one of two static voltage lines to the pixel pad.
(5) Logic signals by nature are more tolerant of voltage variations whereas the voltage on the pixel pad needs to be precise.
(6) This precision comes through the application of fine time controlled PWM data to the pixels.
JDC’s circuit performs DC balance through an externally controlled driver circuit that does not require the writing of inverse data, thereby gaining additional bandwidth over analog solutions.
A full data load of one bit of image data to each pixel of JDC’s 1080p product (JD4552) requires enabling fine gray scale control with all the advantages of full digital operation.
Fully digital pixels enable the smallest pixel size. JDC’s 3.74 micrometer pixel pitch on its JD4704 is the smallest pixel for 4K in production.
Smart Partitioning of the backplane circuitry vs the control and modulation circuitry (OCM) enabling the best silicon technology node to be chosen for the capability required of each for optimal performance.
2. Manufacturing
(1) JDC’s fully digital operation enables fully automated closed loop calibration of display systems including JDC’s microdisplay systems.
(2) JDC’s display products are optimized for best production yield. Use of proprietary design techniques and practices renders the flattest possible die for best liquid crystal process yield.
In comparison, the smallest analog implementation of a 4K backplane has a pixel size of 3.74 micrometers.
This size difference and the presence of capacitors necessary for an analog pixel circuit are an important factor leading to a substantial yield and cost advantage for the digital approach.
For our customers, JDC provide a Micro LED start kit to customers for researching this field quietly. If you have any questions, please contact with our sales.

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