Jasper Display Corp. at ETOP 2017

Dr. Chun-Wei Tasi, Evangelist of Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) will join ETOP 2017 conference held in Hangzhou this year, and deliver a speech to share how JDC successfully applied LabVIEW and Nation Instrument products to simulate and demonstrate some optical experiments. Also at the poster session, JDC will display how the digital electro-optics platform enables dynamic optics for application development.

May 29th, 2017Session 6: Digital and Internet Technology for Optical Education
15:30-15:45Tsai, Chun-Wei
Integration of LCoS-SLM and LabVIEW based software to simulate fundamental optics, wave optics, and Fourier optics
Poster Session
Paper No. 3LCoS-SLM technology based on electro-optics platform and using in dynamic optics for application development

About JDC:A leading designer of SLM (Spatial Light Modulators) and LCoS-SLM technologies such as EDucation Kits (EDK) for educational, laboratory, and application experiments. EDK allows students to visualize the optics theory, and gain hands on experience to compare to the theoretical. JDC also provides Digital Electro-optics Platform Kit for professors and researchers to explore new optical applications as well as for academic researches.

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