Jasper Display Corp. to Present an Invited Speech at iMiD 2017

Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) will present at SF Zone (Show me the Future Zone), Special Exhibition of iMiD 2017. Dr. Sudarshan Kundu will present an Invited speech:
Title: “Effect of Energy Transfer of Host LC in Polymer Stabilization of Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystals”
Time: 14:25-14:50, Aug. 30, 2017 (Wednesday)
Venue: D (Room 103) in Session 36: High Performance LC Device, Topics-12: LC Technologies.
Besides, JDC will demo “A 3-msec Response-Time Full-Phase-Modulation 1080p LCoS-SLM for Dynamic 3D Holographic Displays” also at SF Zone during the 3-day session.
Scott Chao2020-07-23T15:47:22+08:00August 29th, 2017|
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