Jan. 28, 2018 – At SPIE Photonics West 2018, Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) will share details about their LCoS SLM-based EDucation Kit (EDK) at booth 4253 from Jan. 30th through to Feb. 1st. The EDK includes a lab manual to walk students through ten fundamental optics experiments and a 0.55″, 2K LCoS SLM microdisplay. The SLM hardware, which consists of the microdisplay and driver electronics, comes in a compact, durable casing that easily integrates into lab environments. The phase and amplitude experiments covered are excellent hands-on teaching tools for undergraduate and graduate science and engineering students as well as professionals who need a structured, practical way to learn optics fundamentals.

The EDK’s ten experiments were carefully chosen to cover a wide-range of relevant topics including wave, geometric, and Fourier optics. Each experiment has interactive, LabVIEW-based software that illustrates optical table setups, theorems, and principals. The software also generates displays and dynamic graphs that help to visual and understand the lab results.

One key benefit of the SLM hardware is that it lowers the barriers to entry to performing optics experiments. The SLM is easy to rapidly configure for a variety of experiments – the ability to instantly configure the pixel array into hundreds of lenses, added or multiplied together, makes it possible to conduct experiments that would be impractical or impossible with discrete physical lenses. Digital electro-optics eliminates the need to custom-order or buy expensive physical lenses and carefully arrange them. Physics students will appreciate that they will be able to focus on the experiment without the distraction of arranging many lens and poles on an optical table. JDC believes that “seeing is believing” and giving students the digital electro-optics tools to bring the theory to life will cultivate a better understanding and a strong interest in optical science and technology.

JDC’s university partners have successfully implemented their vision of a Digital Optical Center that offers for-credit, cross-disciplinary courses with lab components. Educational projects that cover holography, near-eye display, HUD, biomedical, metrology, optical communication, lithography, and intelligent manufacturing applications have benefitted from SLM-based lab instruction.

The electronics revolution changed everything and now powerful, configurable digital electro-optics are poised to be the driving force for the next revolution. JDC has demonstrated the Field-Programmable Lens Array (FPLA) which groups millions of pixels to form an optical kaleidoscope of over a hundred lenses. The FPLA will open up possibilities for new photonics applications that are as yet unknown.

“Decades ago the invention of the high-integrated microprocessor replaced TTL-based calculators and made it possible to increase computing power by orders of magnitude. Today’s deep-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) systems are the result of a steady march of hardware and software innovation. We believe that digital electro-optics, powered by arrays of millions of digitally-driven pixels on a single silicon backplane will pave the road for technologies that are nearly unimaginable today.” said Rone Chiu, JDC’s Vice President of Sales.

Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) is a fabless semiconductor company based in Taiwan offering leading Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), LCoS, and μLED microdisplays, and digital modulation controller ICs. JDC provides their X-on-Silicon partners with the backplanes and expertise required to create the next wave of optical innovation.

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