Waterloo, Ontario – 1th August 2019: VueReal Inc., a leader in developing key technologies for microLED displays, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Jasper Display Corp. (JDC). This partnership brings together two key players in the microLED industry in order to join their know-how to accelerate the development of new products and further advance microLED technology. VueReal is working with JDC’s innovative silicon backplane to drive VueReal’s patented self-aligned microLED technology resulting in a robust and high yield microdisplay. Several factors hinder microLED integration at high resolution including the alignment accuracy required for such applications and precision controls. VueReal’s true self-aligned integration process greatly relaxes the alignment accuracy requirement without compromising microLED performance. This solution benefits from VueReal’s highly efficient microLED devices and their unique adaptive patterning technology.

VueReal’s CEO, Dr. Reza Chaji, believes this partnership will leverage on each other’s strengths and capabilities: “Through the collaboration, VueReal aims to access diverse backplane technologies in order to deepen our penetration into high resolution and high brightness microLED display applications. Our customers are demanding unique solutions that push the current envelope of optical innovation requiring the expertise and flexibility offered by JDC.”

The eSP70 silicon backplane, developed by JDC, is tailored for microLED devices. The full colour capable active matrix backplane features a 1920 x 1080 resolution, an 8 µm pixel pitch and offers excellent current uniformity using a proprietary current source pixel as well as flexible addressing. By utilising JDC’s eSP70 backplane, VueReal has the flexibility to utilise its adaptive patterning technology for highly efficient microLEDs, delivering very high brightness with low power consumption.

JDC’s VP Marketing and Product Management, T.I. Lin, says: VueReal’s patented self-aligned microLED technology is a good showcase for JDC’s high density silicon backplane. Our JD27E series demonstrates our ability to deliver what our valuable partners have been waiting for – silicon that can be designed for their unique microLED technology. Our X-on-Silicon backplane technology for microLED can be customised on a per-project basis, allowing us to make specialised silicon suiting needs ranging from low-power AR headsets, HUD, to automotive headlights.”

About VueReal

VueReal is engineering the next electronic systems through mass integration of high-efficiency nano/microdevices into large-area substrates (e.g., displays, sensors, systems on panel, and more). Located in Waterloo, Ontario with access to high-tech incubators and universities, we have started by making the true-life experience of microLED displays affordable for all applications (TV, laptop, smartphone, virtual/augmented reality, etc.). VueReal technology platform is based on the interplay of cutting-edge nano/microdevice processing, sophisticated integration technologies and advanced system design (hardware and software). For inquiries regarding collaboration, partnership, products, and the company, please visit www.vuereal.com or contact VueReal at info@vuereal.com.

About Jasper Display Corp.

Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) is a fabless semiconductor company based in Taiwan with their R&D team located in Santa Clara, California and offers leading Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), LCoS and μLED microdisplays, and digital modulation controller ICs. JDC provides its X-on-Silicon partners with the backplanes and expertise required to create the next wave of optical innovation.

Please visit https://www.jasperdisplay.com/ or contact JDC at info@jasperdisplay.com.