Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) presented at China SID 2020. Mr. Kenneth Tai, JDC’s CEO was an invited speaker and the presentation title is “Digital Optics and Digital Modulation.”

JDC introduced the concept of faster prototyping for X-on-CMOS and how to use it to implement Digital Electro-Optics Platform (Digital Optics) and Digital Electronics Platform (Digital Modulation). The major successful technologies are Liquid Crystal on Silicon Spatial Light Modulator (LCoS-SLM) and Micro LED-on-CMOS, respectively.

Conference Name: SID China 2020 (SID 2020春季线上技术研讨会第二场——显示制造和液晶技术专场)

Date: 16:25 – 16:45 pm, May 9, 2020

Presentation Title: Digital Optics and Digital Modulation (数字光学与数字调制)

Invited Speaker: CEO Kenneth Tai (邰中和 執行長)

Company: Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) (和蓮光電科技股份有限公司)