JDC LCoS Panels for Projector Applications

Compared to high temp poly-Si LCD and DLP technology, LCoS can provide smaller pixel pitch and much higher resolution. JDC LCoS technology provides 4K solutions which include a 0.7” diagonal array of 4096×2400 pixels at a pitch of 3.74 micron. This LCoS panel is available now and in 2017 JDC will introduce a 1.2” diagonal 4096×2400 array with a 6.4micron pixel pitch. Unlike the approaches of pixel shifting or pixel warbling which are needed for LCD and DLP to achieve 4K resolution, LCoS technology provides uncompromised native 4K resolution and better display quality.

JDC LCoS technology not only provides color parallel/three panel solution but also color sequential/single panel solutions for lower system cost and simpler optical architecture.