JDC Micro LED on Silicon

In the past, LEDs have been widely used as the backlight of liquid crystal display because of their high luminous efficiency, low cost and long lifetime. Nowadays, Micro LED is considered as a single pixel self-emissive device capable to generate very bright images. Compared with LCD, Micro LED offers greater brightness, higher contrast ratio, and much faster response time. Micro LED display consists of LED EPI, LED chip process, LED transfer process, driving backplane (CMOS silicon wafer), control board and software.

Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) can provide a Micro LED start kit including driving backplane, FPGA control board and PWM (pulse width modulation) software for tuning Micro LED display.

JDC maintains a pixel library with various pixel size options, which can be used to quickly create custom silicon wafer for new customer requirements. JDC also offers the smallest pixels and some of the flattest silicon dies in the industry.

JDC Silicon Wafer, also called silicon backplane, are active matrix backplanes with digital modulation and flexible addressing. For JDC control board, it supports all JDC flexible silicon backplanes to handle a wide array of modulations. Besides, JDC’s unique pixel structure is able to maintain a stable voltage for voltage driving mode of backplane operation.

In market, JDC helps capable partners reduce the cost, risk and research time to quickly create custom designs to meet their own requirements. In addition, JDC has proved and demonstrated that: our silicon wafer, can successfully drive Micro LED.

There are many benefits resulted from Micro LED on silicon backplane:

1. Small pixel size
2. Self-emissive
3. High efficiency
4. High brightness
5. High contrast
6. Fast response time
7. Long life time

Regarding system performance of Micro LED on JDC silicon backplane, it is greatly determined by JDC partners’ Micro LED characteristics. However, JDC silicon backplane also plays an important role in bringing out the best performance