Jasper’s Approach for Near Eye Application

During recent years, near eye applications like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality have started to regain extensive attention. For augmented reality applications, JDC’s LCoS prove its technological advantage over other competing micro display technologies like OLED, micro-OLED, DLP, HT poly-Si LCD, and LT poly-Si LCD. Most of the VR headsets use OLED or LCD to offer large Field of View but achieve only a relatively low angular resolution (around 1Kx1K) which result in poor image quality.

Dada sourcing from Internet,2016

The human eye has a field of view of about 120 degrees horizontally and vertically. The human eye resolution is approximately 60 dots/degree for 1.0 visual acuity. Hence, a good near eye display needs at least30 dots/degree of angular resolution for acceptable display quality.