JDC will join and sponsor IWH2016

International Workshop on Holography and related technologies (IWH2016) will be held in Jiaoxi, Yilan, Taiwan, from Nov. 11 to 13, 2016. This workshop covers overall aspects on holography and related technologies, holographic memories, displays, holographic measurement, computer generated holograms and digital holography, ranging from their fundamental physics and technologies to [...]

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2016 NEWSJDC will be there-Welcome to the 2016 IEEE Photonics Conference, 29th Annual Conference of the IEEE Photonics Society 2 – 6 October 2016 Waikoloa, Hawaii USA

Jasper Display Corp. Invited to give a speech in the IEEE Photonics Society Displays and Lighting (DISL) session on Oct.5 13:30-14:00, the topic is “Building the Eco-System for the Electro-Optics Platform” . Welcome to join and discuss.The subcommittee on Displays and Lighting solicits papers on recent advances in material, fabrication [...]

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台灣光電科技研討會暨國科會光電學門研究成果發表會- OPTIC

禾鈶公司於2015年12月4至6日透過一元素、及匠星科技二個代理商參與了在新竹國立清華大學台達館舉辦的「台灣光電科技研討會暨國科會光電學門研究成果發表會」(以下簡稱OPTIC),此研究成果發表會為全國光電學術與產業界一年一度的盛會,舉辦歷史約15年,每年定期由全國大專院校各相關系所輪流主辦,為目前國內最大型之光電技術學術研討會,每年皆有高達一千五百人共同參與,相當於美國OSA年度會議。• 本屆會議特色如下: (1) 歷史經驗傳承過往的OPT(Optics & Photonics Taiwan),2014年於國立中興大學舉辦的OPTIC,依舊為全國最大光電學術研究界盛會。(2)邀請多位國際學者專家,國內光電/物理/生醫/電機/電子/材料/化學/化工等學術領域師生及產業界研發技術工程師等產經學研菁英齊聚一堂。(3)配合光學學會聯合國國際光之年(International Year of Light 2015)系列活動,2015年與會人潮會更勝以往。(4)本公司的Education Development Kit (EDK)-光學小教授,為全國及國際間大專院校光電相關領域系所師生及光電相關產學界人士的與會者,做出了相當詳盡的展示、並達成良好效果,反應甚為踴躍。  

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20161013 News – JDC Micro LED Start Kit

In the past, the LED have been widely used as the backlight of liquid crystal display because of their high luminous efficiency, low cost and long lifetime. Nowadays, Micro LED to be a single pixel and it’s a self-emissive device which can generate bright images. Compared to LCD, Micro LED [...]

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2016 JDC show 4K2K SDK in “2016 Imaging and Applied Optics” OSA

Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) went to Heidelberg in Germany for “2016 Imaging and Applied Optics” congress held by OSA during 25th to 28th July. In this congress, JDC was an exhibitor to demonstrate EDK and SDK. Both EDK and SDK are based on JDC’s LCoS technology. For EDK, it was [...]

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JDC at Photonics West on Feb 10~12

Jasper Display Corp. (JDC) announced the latest LCoS Technology on Phase Modulation & the leading 4K2K Micro-Display with projection demonstration during Photonics West 2015. In this event, a mLED module which is based on 0.55” 1080p backplane was also displayed in JDC’s booth. In 2015, the international Year of Light, [...]

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