Jasper Display and strategy alliance member Plessey at Display Week 2019

Jasper Display Corp. joined the Plessey’s strategy alliance for the latest Micro LED technology development. In Display Week 2019, Plessey will unveil its cutting-edge Micro LED technology breakthrough which was supported by JDC’s high-density silicon backplane.   http://www.plesseysemiconductors.com/plessey-strategic-alliances-display-week-2019/

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Jasper Display and Plessey demonstrate WORLD’S FIRST GaN-on-Silicon monolithic full HD Micro LED bonded displays

Jasper Display Corp. and Plessey, an embedded technologies developer at the forefront of Micro LED technology for the AR and display markets, have succeeded in wafer level bonding of its GaN-on-Silicon monolithic Micro LED wafer with JDC’s JD27E2 series high-density silicon backplane. This achievement demonstrates JDC’s ability to deliver what [...]

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