• What are the features and benefits of JDC’s LCoS-SLM?
  • Jasper Display Corporation (JDC) has developed LCOS microdisplays for phase only modulation technology applications, using its small pixel based backplanes. JDC’s LCOS microdisplays have the advantage of precisely controlled multi-level phase modulation (our unique modulation method allows at least 4096 (12bits) RMS voltage levels).
  • What are the applications of beam shaping?
  • Applications of beam shaping include laser/material processing, laser/material interaction studies, laser weapons, optical data image processing, lithography, printing, bio-medical, optical tweezers, and laser art patterns, etc.
  • How is LCoS-SLM technology used in beam shaping?
  • A Liquid crystal on silicon – Spatial light modulator (LCoS-SLM) can redistribute the irradiance and phase of a beam of light. There are two modulation methods on SLM technology. One is amplitude modulation, which is the controlled modulation of the intensity of the light beam. A second method is phase modulation , which is the controlled modulation of the phase of the light beam. Phase modulation technologies are widely used on LCoS-SLM to generate the diffraction and interference phenomena of light in a highly efficient manner.

    When a beam of light is injected into the phase modulator, the desired intensity distribution is generated after diffraction. Because the phase distribution is calculated by a computer, this phase distribution pattern is called a computer generated hologram (CGH). Imposing such a desired intensity distribution on light by using CGH technology is called beam shaping.