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  • What about benefits of JDC’s X-on-Silicon technology model?
  • JDC is providing X-on-Silicon platform and technology in the world. It has been applied on Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) 、Micro-LED on Silicon (uLEDoS) 、Cell-on-Silicon(CelloS)…etc. It lets JDC’s customers to apply on Display and Non-Display applications :

    • Display applications : Micro-LED、UST(Ultra Short Throw) projector、3D AOI、3D Metrology、Maskless Lithography、 AR/MR/VR..etc.
    • Non-Display applications : Telecom、AR/MR/VR 、Bio-Medical、HUD、Car Intelligence Headlamp、Optical Tweezer、Microscope、Cell-on-Silicon 、Maskless Lithography…etc.
  • How could JDC provide value to customers?
  • Jasper Display Corp.’s proven high-resolution hardware design, along with unique and highly efficient modulation methods. JDC provides On-Silicon solution successfully , such Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) , micro-LED on Silicon (uLEDoS), Cell-on-Silicon…etc.
  • Why should you choose JDC?
  • (1) JDC has an excellent R&D team.

      JDC’s outstanding R&D team has over fifteen-year experiences in LCoS microdisplay. Thus we provide our customers with exceptional products.

    (2) JDC provides full technical support.

       JDC recruits engineers from various backgrounds. So, we are able to provide technical consultations regarding microdisplay and optical engine designs.

    (3) JDC provides Educational Kit、SLM Development Kit、Micro-LED Start Kit、WSS Start Kit

       JDC provides the basic SLM(Spatial Light Modulator) educational kit which is good for the entry level engineer or students to understand SLM function and how to handle it.

       SLM Development Kit could let JDC’s customers to apply for Display and Non-Display applications/developments.

       Micro-LED Start Kit could let JDC’s customers to start Mico-LED application quickly and smoothly.

       WSS (Wavelength Selective Switch) Start Kit could let JDC’s customers to develop Telecom application quickly and smoothly.

  • What are the merits of JDC’s patented technology?
  • (1) Regarding Driver IC design and LCoS microdisplay panel, JDC’s technology can

    a. Remove image defects by replacing analog Driver IC with digital Driver IC.
    b. Minimize pixel size, drop production cost, and increase yields by simplifying electric circuit designs.
    c. Enhance image quality by new Gamma correction architecture and uniformity compensation method.

    (2) Regarding optical engines, JDC’s patented technology enables

    a. A simplified and more accurate set of optical components in microdisplay projectors.
    b. 3D image and video to be displayed on big screens.
  • Does JDC have any patents for LCoS technology?
  • Yes. JDC has acquired 11 patent issues in the USA, 3 in Taiwan and 1 in China and 1 in Japan. Meanwhile, we have 11 patents waiting for approval.
  • How can JDC create value?
  • Jasper Display Corp.’s proven high-resolution hardware design, along with unique and highly efficient modulation methods, seeks to enhance the color rendering and fidelity of images. The liquid crystal assembly is performed by a mature supply chain which is well experienced in fabricating LCoSmicrodisplays.
  • What is unique about JDC LCOS technology on Silicon platform?
  • Jasper Display Corp. deploys unique digital modulation methods to create fine images on all-digital smart panels with LCoS display chips. With our ability to make very tiny pixels on LCoS chips, we offer small, high-resolution, and low-cost microdisplay panel for all different sizes. To find out more about On Silicon technology, please visit Pixel as a Platform.