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  • What is miniFAB?
  • miniFAB is a unique initiative taken by JDC, to bridge the semiconductor industry to university/research institutes/ R&D industry, in order to build a common platform for next-gen electro-optical device development. JDC holds the key IPs and technical knowhow to develop world’s smallest pixel array that’s supports digital driving. JDC also possesses the key components of a One Chip Modulator (OCM) with highest speed and lowest power consumption. Hence the pixelated chip is capable of many potential applications, such as LCoS, micro-LED on chip and several others. miniFAB is a concept where, JDC provides few dunny dies and few good dies for free when a partner agrees to buy our OCM circuit and the software to drive the pixels. The miniFAB partner employs ideas and develop a potential application out of the JDC’s backplane. Once the application is ready to serve JDC along with its partner, or by itself can launch the product in the market with a profit sharing norms with its miniFAB partner. It’s a win-win situation for both JDC and its partner.