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  • What are the features and benefits of JDC’s LCoS-SLM?
  • Regarding high performance, various efforts have been made to improve both the optical performance and the switching functionalities of the LCoS WSS, especially in terms of static and transient crosstalk reduction, passband shape optimization, and port count increase. JDC’s LCoS-SLM can create grayscale for image frames, enabling high yield rate and high performance.

    Regarding the digital driving method, JDC has chosen to develop its microdisplay backplanes using a completely digital design, with patented digital pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques and unique liquid crystal driving mechanisms. Accurate milli-volt level control at the liquid crystal pixel, and updates within micro-seconds perform highly efficient data filling (scrolling update).

  • What is JDC’s LCoS-SLM solution for WSS?
  • JDC’s On-Silicon solutions include LCoS imagers, an ASIC driver IC (One-Chip Modulator, “OCM”) and mini board controllers. The ASIC driver IC is used to create board controller to support various types of phase-only LCoS imagers, such as SP55 (0.55”/ 1080p/ 6.4 μm pixel), Q4K70 (0.7”/ 4K2K/ 3.74 μm pixel) and Q4K120 (1.2”/ 4K2K/ 6.4 μm pixel, preliminary). JDC’s LCoS SLM solutions offer high performance and highly precise control of multi-level phase modulation via JDC’s system development kit (SDK) and an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).
  • What are the unique values of JDC’s LCoS-SLM technology for WSS?
  • JDC’s digital phase LCoS-SLM technology enables programmable WSS solutions using precise control of multi-level phase modulation which in turn helps to increase optical efficiency and to obtain better noise control in ROADM. Therefore, JDC’s LCoS could achieve the ultimate functionality and flexibility in optical switching, optimized for input channel bandwidth and switching configurations. In addition, JDC’s LCoS-SLM has programmable light processor which is software upgradable nature in nature and supports flexible spectrum coverage, dispersion compensation, switching multicasting, and adaptive alignment.
  • Why is LCoS-SLM technology the best candidate for WSS applications?
  • Wavelength selective switch (WSS) is one of the key enabling technologies for reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADM) and reconfigurable optical networks. A typical WSS is able to selectively route individual wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) channels entering its input fiber port to any of the output fiber ports according to the software configuration that is remotely controlled by the service providers. LCoS-SLM technology is the best solution to reach available 1 × N/ N × 1/ N × N high port count WSS. Using N × N high port count WSS, ROADMs could implement colorless, directionless, contentionless and flexible grid (CDC-F) functionality.