Project Description

Amplitude Research Kit (ARK) – JDN125N

The JDN125N is a 1.2” Amplitude Research Kit (ARK) for JD4124 microdisplay series at 1064 nm wavelength of 4094 x 2400 pixels. The JDN125N is ideal for near-infrared or 1064 nm wavelength monochrome applications.

Figure 1. ARK4K hardware view

Main Features

  • Spatial Light Modulation for amplitude applications
  • 8-bit monochrome with HDMI 1.4 easy addressing interface input
  • Linear optical power modulations with 256 gray level scales
  • Plug and Play Display


  • Laser Processing System
  • Optical Tweezers
  • Beam Shaping
  • Super-resolution Optical Microscopy
Embedded Reflective LCoS Microdisplay PanelJD4124N933
Active Area Diagonal1.2”
Pixel Pitch6.4 μm
Resolution4094 x 2400
Active Area Size26.20 mm x 15.36 mm
Fill Factor (Aperture Ratio)90%
Wavelength1000 ~ 1100 nm
Contrast Ratio (CR)
@ Laser system
Input Gray Levels256 (8-bit)
Input Frame Rate30 Hz
Response Time< 15 ms @ 1064 nm
Input Video I/FHDMI 1.4
Power AdapterAC INPUT: 100 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
DC OUT: +12 V/2 A
Driver Board Size100.00 mm x 60.00 mm
Outer Dimensions266.18 mm x 60.00 mm x 33.60 mm

Table : Specifications

Outline Dimensions

(a) Top view

(b) Side view

Figure 2. PCB board with extender flex cable and panel

Vsync Output

Pulse Signal: VL = 0.0 V and VH = 3.3 V, Pulse Width = 0.2 ms; Rising edge triggers the start of frame at 30 Hz.