Project Description

What is miniFAB?

miniFAB is a unique initiative taken by JDC, to bridge the semiconductor industry to university/research institutes/ R&D industry, in order to build a common platform for next-gen electro-optical device development. JDC holds the key IPs and technical knowhow to develop world’s smallest pixel array that supports digital driving. JDC also possesses the key components of a One Chip Modulator (OCM) with highest speed and lowest power consumption. Hence the pixelated chip is capable of many potential applications, such as LCoS, micro-LED on chip and several others.

miniFAB is a concept where, JDC provides few dummy dies and few good dies for free when a partner agrees to buy our OCM circuit and the software to drive the pixels. The miniFAB partner employs ideas and develop a potential application out of the JDC’s backplane. Once the application is ready to serve, JDC along with its partner, or by itself can launch the product in the market with a profit sharing norms with its miniFAB partner. It’s a win-win situation for both JDC and its partner. So in short, JDC works Jointly to Develop a cutting edge technology through full Co-operation with its partner.

JDC has already tested several applications, as for example, color sequential display using JDC’s LCoS panel, WSS for 1550 nm, different LCoS designed for different wavelength applications, ranging from near UV to IR range. JDC’s backplane is serving well to hold µ-LED on it.

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