Project Description

Product Specification of JD27EP


The JDB7EP is a Micro LED Start Kit that includes the essential tools and materials for infrastructure development1 with emissive elements.
It includes the JD27EP which is a current source pixel array silicon backplane (X-on-Silicon) wafer, designed for realizing high-power Micro LED products.


  • Constant current for stable wavelength per subpixel
  • Digital pulse modulation for variable brightness
  • Global dimming control to enhance contrast
  • Large Common Cathode Return
  • Thick top metal layer
  • Total 10.0 Amps current to drive LEDs


Wafer Specifications
Process Technology150 nm CMOS, 8″ wafer
Die Size19.05 x 13.65 mm²
Gross Dice per 8” Wafer92
Active Area Diagonal0.7”
Programmable Color Pixels1 (Monochrome)
Active Resolution246 x 82
Active Area Size9.84 mm x 3.28 mm
Pixel Pitch40 μm
Pixel Gap6 μm
Pixel Electrode Size34 μm x 34 μm
Total Current Drive10.0 Amps
Drive Current per LED PixelMax. 1.9 mA
Pixel Power Source TypeCurrent Drive
Top Metal (Al) Thickness18 kÅ
Common Current ConfigurationCommon Cathode Return