Project Description

Product Specification of JD2552
(SP55 Microdisplay Die in Wafer Form)

SP55 Wafer Photo


This is a general specification for Jasper Display Corp.’s JD2552 Microdisplay Die in Wafer Form Specification (HDTV resolution) for use in Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) microdisplay applications. Jasper Display Corp.’s high performance microdisplay die is a full digital backplane and is targeted for use in single and multi channel optical systems for amplitude and phase modulation applications.

The SP55 microdisplay die has an array diagonal of 0.55” and offers a total resolution of (1952×1112); an additional 32 columns and 32 rows have been added beyond normal HDTV resolution to allow for dynamic, convergence adjustment of the microdisplay component. Microdisplay manufactured using the JD2552 wafer are used with a companion OCM Controller ASIC.


  • HDTV (1920 x 1080)
  • Additional 32 columns and 32 rows for electronic alignment (for a total resolution of 1952×1112)
  • 0.55” diagonal
  • Up to 480 Hz color field rate (Support 120 Hz frame rate or above for HD Video)
  • Up to 5V (adjustable) operation of Array for LC Performance
  • LVCMOS compatible I/O interface for Speed and Low Power
  • Controllable image border grayscale
  • Single panel solution, optimized OCM Controller ASIC
  • Amplitude and phase modulation applications


Die Features
Resolution (active)1920 x 1080
Resolution (addressable)1952 x 1112
Pixel Pitch6.4 um
Active Area12.5 mm x 7.1 mm
Die Size15.92 mm x 11.87 mm
Aperture Ratio≧93%
Reflectivity (aluminum only, 1400 – 2000 nm)94%
Die Planarity<100nm
Dead Pixels per DieNone, Tested for 100% live Pixels
Wafer Features
Wafer Diameter200.0 ± 0.50 mm
Wafer Thickness725 ± 15 µm
Wafer Orientation MarkNotch
MTTF (design target)>20,000 hours
Environmental Considerations -Operating
Typical Operating Temperature40°C to 50°C
Extended Temperature Range10°C to 65°C
Humidity10% to 80%, non condensing
Environmental Considerations -Storage
Temperature-20°C to 70°C
StorageIn Dry Nitrogen sealed wafer carrier