Project Description

Product Specification of JD2704
(Q4K70 Microdisplay Die in Wafer Form)


This is a general specification for Jasper Display Corp.’s JD2704 Microdisplay Die in Wafer Form Specification (4K2K resolution) for use in Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) microdisplay applications. Our high performance microdisplay die is a full digital backplane and is targeted for use in single and multi-channel optical systems for amplitude and phase modulation applications.
The Q4K70 microdisplay die has an array diagonal of 0.70” and offers a total resolution of 4160×2464; an additional 64 columns and 64 rows have been added beyond the 4K2K superset (4096×2400) to allow dynamic, convergence adjustment of the microdisplay component. Microdisplays manufactured using the JD2704 wafer are used with a companion driver board solution.


  • 4K2K (4096 x 2400) active 3.74 um pixels
  • Additional 64 columns and 64 rows for electronic alignment (for a total resolution of 4160×2464)
  • superset of DCI 4K “Scope” (4096 x 1716) and “Flat” (3996 x 2160)and Quad WUXGA resolutions ( 3840×2400)
  • 0.70” diagonal
  • Up to 180 Hz color field rate (Supports 60 Hz RGB frame rate, 180 Hz monochrome)
  • Up to 5V (adjustable) operation of Array for LC Performance
  • LVCMOS compatible I/O interface for Speed and Low Power
  • Controllable image border grayscale
  • Driver board solutions for single and multichannel system.
  • Amplitude and phase modulation applications


Die Features
Resolution (active) 4096 x 2400
Resolution (addressable) 4160 x 2464
Pixel Pitch 3.74 um
Active Area 15.319 mm x 8.976 mm
Addressable Area 15.558 mm x 9.215 mm
Die Size 19.146 mm x 13.574 mm
Aperture Ratio ≧90%
Reflectivity (aluminum only, 1400 – 2000 nm) 94%
Dead Pixels per Die 0 allowed, all die tested for 100% good pixel storage*
Wafer Features
Wafer Planarity <15um Bow
Wafer Diameter 200.0 ± 0.50 mm (“8 in”)
Wafer Thickness 725 ± 15 µm
Wafer Orientation Mark Notch
Environmental Considerations -Operating
Typical Operating Temperature 40°C to 50°C
MTTF (design target) >20,000 hours
Extended Temperature Range 10°C to 65°C
Humidity 10% to 80%, non condensing
Environmental Considerations -Storage
Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Humidity In Dry Nitrogen sealed wafer carrier

* Wafers are delivered with Wafer Maps of the Good Die.