Project Description

SLM Research Kit (SRK) – JDN714W

The JDN714W is a SLM Research Kit (SRK) with JDC’s 4K resolution microdisplays. It offers 2π phase retardation at 1550 nm wavelengths of 4094 x 2400 pixels.
The kit targets for diverse telecom and data center applications, ranging from ROADM, WSS, OCM, VOA, Optical Switch and Optical Flow Switch. SRK accessories include all required cabling.

Figure 1. SRK SLM hardware

Main Features

• Phase Modulator
• Easy addressing interface using HDMI 1.4
• Input: 8-bit monochrome 4094 x 2400 @ 30 Hz
• Retardation: 2π @ 1550 nm

Display TypeReflective LCoS
Resolution4094 x 2400 pixels
Active Area Diagonal0.7”
Active Area Dimension15.31 mm x 8.98 mm
Pixel Pitch3.74 μm
Fill Factor (Aperture Ratio)90%
Wavelength1530 ~ 1565 nm
Response TimeTBD
Phase FlickerTBD
Number of Input Gray-Levels256 (8-bit)
Input Frame Rate30 Hz
Retardation2π @ 1550 nm
Input Signal I/FHDMI 1.4
Power SupplyAC INPUT: 100 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz
DC OUT: +12 V/2 A
Driver Board External Size103.00 mm x 64.45 mm x 32.90 mm
Whole Product External Size247.00 mm x 64.45 mm x 32.90 mm

Table : Specifications

Vsync Output

Pulse Signal: VL = 0.0 V and VH = 3.3 V, Pulse Width = 0.2 ms; Rising edge triggers the start of frame rate at 30 Hz.