ARK for Amplitude Applications

Amplitude Research Kit (ARK)

JD7555 and JD7715 are the Spatial Light Modulation Research Kit using JDC’s microdisplay panels for Amplitude/Monochrome applications.

Introducing ARK

JDC’s ARK uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to digitally and directly drive displays; proprietary modulation patterns can be used as desired development goals. The features of JDC’s ARK are as follows:

  • Spatial Light Modulation for amplitude applications
  • 8-bit monochrome with HDMI 1.4a standard addressing interface input
  • Linear optical power modulations with 256 gray level scales
  • Rich selections of panels and preconfigured for various application requirements
  • Plug and Play Display


If there are more than one wavelength installed upon request, JDC Config Selector software will be provided to allow the user to load and set default pre-installed configuration on the JDC hardware. The software runs on a Windows / Ubuntu PC which is connected to the JDC hardware via a USB cable. Two native configurations allow for a convenient and flexible way to work with a variety of wavelengths.

Several ARK products are available, each of which contains a unique feature targeted for a variety of applications.

Model # JD7555 JD7555N JD7715 JDN125N
430 – 750 nm 1000-1100 nm 532 nm or 633 nm 1000-1100 nm
Panel Response Time < 12 ms < 60 ms < 2.2 ms < 15 ms
1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 4094 x 2400 4094 x 2400
Active Area Diagonal
0.55″ 0.55″ 0.7″ 1.2″
Pixel Pitch
6.4 μm 6.4 μm 3.74 μm 6.4 μm
Input Frame Rate
60 Hz 60 Hz 30 Hz 30 Hz
Input Gray Levels 8-bit (256) 8-bit (256) 8-bit (256) 8-bit (256)
Display Type Reflective LCoS Reflective LCoS Reflective LCoS Reflective LCoS
Enclosure Kit, or No-box (optional) Kit, or No-box (optional) Kit, or No-box (optional) No-box



ARK2K No-box

0.55″ 2K LCoS Panel

2K Driver Board



ARK4K No-box

0.7″ 4K LCoS Panel

1.2″ 4K LCoS Panel

4K Driver Board